Week 11 (12-5-16) Molding Homemade Bread

Science Families…

Since we won’t see each other for a month, we’ve got a couple of things going on.

The first might seem redundant…because it is. We’re going to continue observing our store bought Country White bread–which so far has been a snoozer.  Will it mold? Before Christmas? And…should this concern us?

Likely. Wouldn’t that be nice. And…Probably.

What each person received today was additional observation sheets for their store bought Country White bread. We placed these sheets into the same sleeve with their observation sheets from the last two weeks. We’re just carrying on. Same song. Second verse.

If we can continue to observe over Christmas, great! Hopefully something will happen with our store bought bread. And hopefully soon.

Our next thing, though, is our SECOND bread molding experiment. This time with homemade bread.

Here’s the good stuff.


And here we are labeling our baggies to keep track of our new bread slices.


The control piece is easy. Just drop it into the bag.


The WET piece gets sprayed with water before going into a separate bag.




And the third gets doused with a disinfectant spray.


Together we plotted out our steps through the scientific method. We asked a question; we thought of our own hypothesis; and we listed our materials.

Observation sheets identical to the ones for our Country White bread were given to each person to observe their homemade bread. These sheets were labeled “homemade bread” and were placed in a separate sleeve.

Here’s the recap. There are two experiments in our kit right now. The old store bought bread and the new homemade bread. We’re observing both. Both have separate sheets in separate sleeves on which to record what we see.

Here’s to watching mold grow!



Last thing today was calculating how many times we could fold a piece of tissue paper in half.


It’s been said that you can’t physically fold a piece of paper in half more than seven times.


Myth Busters folded a football field sized piece of paper to dispel the myth. (You can find that on youtube).

And we tried to do the same–with tissue paper.


Turns out we could fold our tissue paper EIGHT times in half.


That’s it for this week. This month. And this year.

Gonna miss your kids!

Merry Christmas to each of you!

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