Week 12 Bye-Bye Bread; Hello Water!

Wow. Tired of talking about moldy bread? Or about bread that may not mold in our lifetime?

Me, too.

In class today we came full circle on our homemade bread molding experiment.

We backed up to the beginning and reviewed the question we asked on our first day of our experiment:

Which slice of bread will mold first? The wet slice? The control slice? Or the slice sprayed with disinfectant?

Then we reminded ourselves about what we thought would be the outcome–our hypothesis.  Most of us thought that the wet slice would mold first.

We talked through our materials and our procedure, mostly emphasizing that these are all steps that need to be taken when we follow the scientific method.


I’d taken pictures of my bread slices on the day they started molding and every day after that. We took a peek at those on the computer. Just nasty.


Then from what we’d discussed and from what we’d observed and recorded, we needed to right down our conclusion(s).


What was wild was that we really didn’t conclude what we set out to include (which bread would mold first) because for some of us, both the control slice of bread and the wet slice showed mold on the same day.


But we could conclude a number of other things. Here’s what we came up with.


And then like that, we moved on to WATER!

We worked in groups of three or two, each with an adult asking questions and recording our answers about water.


Some of us appeared less thrilled about this than say,




But here’s what we discussed.

Does all water taste the same? What does “good” water taste like? Where do we get good water? What types of water are there? If we were to do an experiment, what variables would be need to consider? What types of water would we want to use in our experiment?

Take a look.


What was great was that each group had a unique voice. Ideas were similar and yet, by nature of our mix of kids, a little different.

Here we prepared ourselves for next week’s experiment on water by beginning with a question. Our question(s) are: Does all water taste the same? Which type of water tastes the best (sweetest, most refreshing)? Which tastes the worst (like it has chemicals in it)?

Next week, we’ll write our hypotheses–our best guesses to the questions we asked. Then we’ll begin our water taste testing experiment. Gonna be good!





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