Week 13 Water Taste-Test Experiment

Today’s task? Discern which water tastes the best?

Surely the bottled. Or the purified. Or the filtered. Distilled maybe? Or Spring? Anything but the drinking fountain water, right?!

Well. Water connoisseurs our kids are not.

FIVE out of the eight kids in class (during a taste test where the water wasn’t identified for them) chose the Living Hope Co-op drinking fountain water as their favorite tasting water.



We kept to our variables:

  1. Water at the same Temperature
  2. Water in the same type of cups
  3. The same amount of water in each cup
  4. Each person tested in the same way
  5. And all the labels on the water in the same type of pen

Two kids could be tested at a time, which meant that everyone else was in the hallway with me and a straw trying to huff and puff a balloon down the hallway.


Scientific. For sure.


And… if everybody blows on it at the same time, it really doesn’t go anywhere. Heh.


Back inside we discussed our experiment process and looked at our results.


Maybe the most helpful thing we discovered was that water taste-tested in a paper cup tends to taste a bit paper cuppy.


And yet there are still some distinct tastes in the water.

To the adults, anyway.


When we return next week we’ll give our conclusion(s) some more thought.


Wondering here whose filtered water tastes best. Mrs. Ponraj’s? Or Mrs. Meier’s?


Of us adults, Mrs. Meier’s.



Finally…here are our data sheets for recording today’s results.

We’ll use these to graph our information next week!


P.S. Students are/were encouraged to conduct a similar water experiment at home with whatever varied water sources they can find. They were given pre-made data sheets to make the process as simple as possible. If this is something you get a chance to do, I’d love to hear about it.

This isn’t a required assignment, so no unwarranted stress, if it doesn’t fit into your schooling schedule.

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