Week 18 (3-6-17) Paper Towel Experiment (part 2)

Minus the harried scramble at the end, today’s experimenting looked a lot like last week’s. Paper towels and water.

What we’ve learned thus far is that no experiment is conclusive unless it’s been tested at least three times.

Last week we had four separate paper towel tests going on. Three of our test groups asked the same question–which paper towel is the most absorbent?

And one of our groups asked–which paper towel brand is the least absorbent?

In theory we performed the test on the paper towels at least three times.

However, none of us went about the test in the same way. Which means we really didn’t perform the test 3 or 4 times. We each performed one test, one time.

Which leads us to today. We’ve got to perform our paper towel tests two more times apiece.

For those who asked the question–which paper towel brand is most absorbent–they’re going to be retesting the top two absorbent brands.

Because what we found from last week’s experimenting is that our paper towels fell into two categories. Absorbent. And lousy.

So what these groups are trying to determine is which brand–BRAWNY or BOUNTY is the most absorbent.

And because of our list of variables from last week, each of our groups is trying to limit our variables by being more exact in their procedures.

Still it looks like a lot measuring…

A lot of dripping of paper towels…

A selfie of Cody…

And general weirdness.

The best thing, though, is that everyone has a different method.

Cody and Ms. Mandy are squeezers. No dripping paper towel for them.

They’re also the only ones who measured in grams instead of ounces. Totally okay.

Ms. Lindsay and her crowd measured the water they poured on their paper towels and then weighed what was absorbed.

The guys with me dropped our paper towel into a bin of water and then let it drip for 45 seconds before weighing it.

Regardless of the process, you can see how underpaid some of us are feeling…

And how that affects those around us.

Ah. But this is the best.

Having to explain the way we did our experiments.

That means standing up front…

And turning toward the class…

And talking through the process.

Which is hard.

But so meaningful to the whole of the project. It’s the finishing touch.

Because when a person can stand in front of his peers and say, “I did this, and this is how I did it,” he’s done more than a science project. He’s shown himself he can do hard things.

Our conclusions were as follows:

There was too little distinction between Brawny and Bounty paper towels to declare one the most absorbent. So…if you’d like an absorbent paper towel, you’ll do well to buy one or the other of these brands.

However, if you don’t care in the least–in fact you just need something quick to wipe your nose, then throwing your money at Best Value, Sparkle or The Home Store brands will suffice. They–almost equally–absorb very little.

Until next week… here we are.

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2 Responses to Week 18 (3-6-17) Paper Towel Experiment (part 2)

  1. Lisa says:

    I love your comments!


  2. Christa Rossi says:

    This was great! Thank you so much for your love and dedication to these kidos. I know that Wyatt as so enjoyed this class and I really love that he is getting up in front of his peers and learning to address and audience…in addition to all the fun science going on. Thank you again for your hard work. Christa Rossi


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