Week 25 (5-1-17) Color Wheels

Can I tell you what you may or may not already know?

I wasn’t in class on Monday.

But let me tell you something else.

From the pictures I received from Mrs. Ponraj and Mrs. Meier, your kids learned new concepts about colors and had themselves elbow deep in play doh.

Nobody missed a beat.

Our goal was to learn about more than just primary colors. Which is why on the board the definitions for secondary colors and tertiary colors, etc. are there.

Each student was given a bag of play doh with twelve different colors.

From there, I can’t tell you the exact instruction and conversation that followed, but check out these smiles.  Maybe they can tell you more.

Color wheel pride right there.

And…I have no idea.

Still no idea.

But I can tell neither Riley or Ben is miserable about what they’ve created.

Here’s Hagen rolling his doh.

And Jocelyn.

And the rest of the class.

All busy blending and creating their own color wheels.

I wonder if there hasn’t been a new awareness for colors awakened within each person…

Knowing now that most colors don’t just appear…

But must be created carefully with the colors we already have.

For from our three primary colors…comes all others. More colors than we may have thought possible. More colors than we can name.

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