Week 27 (5-15-17) Leonardo da Vinci’s Self-Supporting Bridge

This probably isn’t the crew you want to pay to build your house.

But a bridge.

Maybe a bridge.

If we’re all desperate.

What we’re doing is taking the basic plans of Leonardo da Vinci, who we learned was considered a Renaissance man because he could do it all–paint, sculpt, build, invent, write…

and piecing together a self-supporting bridge…

using 10 2 x 4s and five dowels.

A self-supporting bridge means that we’re not going to be using any screws or nails or hammers to hold the thing together.

What you’ll notice right now is that it’s not raining. The ground is soggy. But everybody’s hair is still straight.

What we’re trying to do now is build our bridge two 2 x 4s at a time.

For every two 2 x 4, we’re slipping in a dowel.

And why and how everything doesn’t just crash down immediately, I don’t know.

We’re almost done with our first try.

And if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, ain’t nobody going across that thing.

Let’s try again.

We’re being more deliberate now about which boards to use together, as some our different heights.

We’ve also got the whole thing a little narrower.

And if you can believe it, here it is…our self-supporting bridge! Finished in the rain!

To be used in the event we need to cross something and happen to have ten 2 x 4s in our pocket.

Gonna see if this thing works

All right, Silas!

Go, Riley!

That a way, Hagen!

Way to go, Wyatt!

Up and over, Ben!

You can do it, Cody!

Like a pro, Simeon!

You did it, Jocelyn!

The real test. How much weight will this thing hold?

Apparently, a lot! šŸ™‚

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