Week 28 (May 22, 2017) Perfecting the Egg Drop

Hey there.

Just wanted to give you one more look at our class and the people in it.

We’re dropping raw eggs today.

  1. From the top of Mrs. Ponraj’s van.
  2. From the height of Mr. Davis’s throw in the air.

Only nobody here wants his egg to break.

Which is why they’re all scrambling to bubble wrap and balloon cushion their sweet little eggs.

I’ll introduce them.

Here’s Wyatt.







And Silas.

Because it’s the most casual thing to stand on top of someone’s van…

Here we go.

Some crack immediately.

And some come down a lot slower.

Time to see who’s still got an egg intact.

The unveiling.

Yup. Still good.

Nope. Cracked.

The eggs that survived get the next test.

Having a big guy chuck them in the air.


There is more than one successful way to protect an egg.

In fact, there’s at least five.

Egg wrapperExperts right here.

Like it’s no big deal.

And all of us.

On the last day.

Of an amazing year in science.

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